Green Finance

Managing the ecological transition

New risks and opportunities

The ecological transition is creating a new breed of risks of opportunities that assets managers need to analyze. New models are required to integrate environmental factors into risks evaluation. The Ifeane platform provides the methodological framework and the features to build these models.

How much green is green ?

The green bond market is expected to grow by 20% annually fueled by a strong diversification of issuers and a growing demand for sustainable investments. However as the ethical requirements of investors strengthen, there is a growing need to demonstrate in full transparency and with integrity the positive impact of funded projects.

Climate-related risks management

Assets value are increasingly affected by climate-related risks resulting from the effects of climate change and the adaptation and mitigation measures taken to respond to these effects. Measuring the exposure of portfolios to environmental risks requires quantitative models that can respond to an economy in transition.

Stranded assets risk management

A confluence of recent developments have introduced new risk factors for environmentally unsustainable assets. Environmental challenges such as climate change, pollution and water constraints have major impacts on the downward revaluation or conversion to liabilities of assets but thet are not the only ones. New government regulations, evolving social norms, new consumer behaviors and innovation will cause investors to be exposed to risks and uncertainty in a variety of sectors and geographies.

Ifeane V 1.0

We launched the Ifeane platform in partnership with selected clients. Please contact us if you would like to learn more on our product roadmap and schedule a demo.