Ifeane Impact Investing Platform

Trust and transparency

To meet client goals and expectations, financial advisors cannot solely rely on portfolios performances. Investor personal values should be incorporated into portfolios management strategies and management.

To build long-term relations and deepen their binds with investors, wealth management firms need to provide clear and transparent proposals that makes it easy to understand assets allocations choices and the overall performances of portfolios.

Development of impact-focused services

Younger generations begin to exert a greater pressure on what businesses should seek to achieve. They are looking for services and solutions that help them align their behaviors and investments with their values. The Ifeane platform provides the required data and technologies to build highly personalized impact-focused services.

Ifeane Portfolio Manager

Through the Ifeane impact investing advisor investors get recommendations tailored to their values and risk profiles. They remain independent and safe in the design of their portfolios thanks to the design and test tools provided by Ifeane

Ifeane APIs

The Ifeane platform is an API-centric platform providing the flexibility required to integrate models and data into legacy environments. It provides tools and data to build impact-focused portfolios.

Data science applied to impact investing

State of the art data science provides the capacity to build personalized portfolio tailored to investors values and risk profile.

Data Science Enabler

We focus on the development of data-driven sustainable innovation.