Ifeane Platform Features

Impacts scoring model builder

We believe that scoring models requirements vary according to the type of assets to be scored and the context of deployment of models.

Data science and financial teams can rely on the Ifeane feature store to create data-driven quantitative impacts scoring models or they can rely on pre built models developed by the Ifeane team.

Ifeane impacts scorecards builder

Impacts scorecards are powerful tools that can be leverage by financial institutions to build trust and lasting relationships with their clients. The Ifeane platform integrates graphQL and graph database technologies to allow the deployment of sophisticated dashboards taylored to customers needs.

Ifeane multi-factor investing models

Multi-factor models are built for fund managers and investors with a deep integration of impacts factors along with financial and macroeconomics factors. This way investors can still build impact focused portfolios without financial trade-off.

Ifeane robo-advisor

Assets and funds managers can rely on the Ifeane robo-advisor capabilities to manage portfolios that meet investors values, their financial objectives and their risk profile.

Ifeane recommender system is a key component of the platform. Rebalancing proposals and assets recommendations are directly correlated to factor models and the position of each asset inside a vector space of financial features and impacts features.